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Growth Marketing for
CPG Brands

What is Growth Marketing?

Growth Marketing is an emerging communications approach to generating top-line growth.

Growth Marketers are hyper-focused on rapidly achieving a singular goal within a specific audience with the most efficient budgets possible.

Using disciplined methodologies Growth Marketers employ a multitude of experiments to rapidly test numerous hypothesis and gain actionable insights that can be applied to optimize campaign variables.

The learnings gained from prior activities are quickly and continuously implemented to generate a self-sustaining model of growth.

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Here's the truth: Most digital agencies that serve CPGs only have expertise in the direct-to-consumer (DTC) ecommerce space. And these "digital" agencies are exclusively focused on being just that: "digital."

They don't understand the nuances of the CPG category, and since agencies are a service-based businesses,

you (the Client) end up funding that learning process.

It sure does.

Growing a Startup CPG? Your approach needs to be different. What about a more established CPG looking to penetrate new markets? Different approach as well. Or maybe you need to prove the success of a new Innovation at a Customer? You guessed it, that requires a different approach again.

Your marketing strategies for driving top-line results will change depending on your true business goals.

We have the marketing strategies that will help you reach your goals.


We drive Sales by creating Targeted Demand. Yup. That's the secret.

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You would expect it to be more complicated than that right? Afterall isn't "creating targeted demand" what all agencies do? Sadly, no. Teams often get distracted by useless metrics such as "likes" or "engagement" which have absolutely no effect on driving sales.

Targeted demand is generated by any number of the elements in our arsenal of advanced growth marketing techniques. This is not dark-magic though, this is using proven marketing principles with technology that is readily available to everyone — we just know how to use it.


Everything from driving top-of-mind Awareness just before a pre-planned Shopping trip, to delivering sequenced messaging across the Consumer Journey for growing Velocities for a specific SKU. Or maybe you are strengthening your relationship with a Customer and need to support the increased distribution in a region? We do that too.

Our experience has lead us to build a multitude of growth models that deliver on all these scenarios, and many more.


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