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What is Growth Marketing?

Is "Growth Marketing" just the latest buzzword? Or is there something to it? Moreover, is "growth marketing" something that you can apply to your own business?

All these questions were exactly what I asked myself when I first heard this term as a client at a major CPG. And the more I looked into it, the more I realized that "growth marketing" succinctly described exactly the technique of marketing I have been honing over the years.

If can give you the executive summary: Growth Marketing is the practice of full-funnel consumer communications with the express outcome of driving sales.

Let's break that down a bit.

First let's start with the concept of Full-Funnel Communications. Generally, in the marketing world, we really like to talk about the Consumer Journey (or in other terms, the Purchase Funnel). The idea is that consumers go through stages of brand affinity in correlation with the level of exposure. So you want to draw the consumer through these stages, generally beginning with unaided awareness and following various stages until purchase.

Warning! Analysis Paralysis Ahead! One thing I absolutely hate about talking about journeys or funnels or whatever is the "actual" order of the purchase stages. People get all tied up with what should be the "true" visual representation, and after coming up with over-complicating theories with concentric loop journeys, they're left with a structure that no one can use. Stop the madness. Don't overthink it. This is meant to be an operational structure, not

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